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Be Generous in December!

The Help Us Grow Foundation expresses gratitude to the volunteersunsung heroes of literacy, embodying


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H.U.G. Events

November brings some exciting highlight we are thrilled to share our collaboration with AmeriCorps Vista Program. Their incredible work in lifting literacy has left a lasting impression on us in our community. 

If you missed us this year we hope to see you there next year! 

We would like extend our sincere gratitude to our Vista Team members:

Jermaine Bibb, Carson Crovo, Gabriela Shanklin, and Camille Jackson.


We are so proud to share our founder, CEO, and visionary leader, Janine Broussard, taking the mission to new heights in India! Here she stands with the First Lady Co-op, united in the vision of promoting education and social equality. From local roots to global impact, we're sowing the seeds of literacy and empowerment.


Transforming Lives in India: Meet the Travacore Team

We're dedicated to ensuring students reach literacy milestones early on, fostering confidence and character in every student.

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We are grateful for our dedicated H.U.G Tutors. We wish you all a joyous holiday season.


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Call to Action: We Need Volunteers!   

Do you know of a church group, company volunteer board, or a group of mission-minded folks that are looking to give back? Well we would love to present our volunteering options to them!  Remember everything H.U.G. is done virtually including training but we do have a few in person opportunities available.


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Wednesday, December 6th, at 10am

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Please join us in wishing Maria Aboytes success in her new career journey. She has been a great member of a H.U.G. Family.  We will miss you!

Maria Aboytes, has been a valuable team member of the Help Us Grow (H.U.G.) Reading Program for the past three years. Maria serves as the Senior Communications Specialist for the Avochato Team and a Junior Data Analyst for the Data Team, actively engaging with parents, volunteers, and tutors through various channels.

A University of South Florida student, Maria's journey into literacy programs began through a federal work study program, sparking her passion for community engagement. Nurtured by her mother's love for literature, she was drawn to H.U.G.'s mission of enhancing students' reading levels and fostering community growth.

Maria's bilingual skills have been pivotal in bridging the program with the Hispanic community, making H.U.G. accessible to a broader audience. For her, being part of the program means not just improving literacy skills but instilling confidence and a love for reading in students.

Reflecting on her personal journey, Maria emphasizes the impact H.U.G. has had on her perspectives and goals. Having been a dedicated volunteer in high school, she found in H.U.G. a flexible opportunity to continue making a difference during her college years.

Growing up in Belle Glade, Maria intimately understands the unique challenges faced by the local community. With many families engaged in agricultural work, language barriers often hinder students' education. Maria envisions H.U.G. as a positive force, providing essential support to ensure every child receives the help they need to excel academically.

For those considering joining the H.U.G. Reading Program, Maria advises, "Come in prepared to learn because just as much as the kids are learning, you will too with every encounter you have with them."

In Maria Aboytes, the Help Us Grow Foundation has a dedicated advocate, tirelessly working to nurture literacy and transform lives—a testament to the transformative power of education and the ripple effect it creates within society.


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