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Be Honest in February!

The Help Us Grow Foundation expresses gratitude to the volunteersunsung heroes of literacy, embodying


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H.U.G. Events

February brings new and exciting opportunities as we continue our journey at The Help Us Grow Foundation, Inc. We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the PALS (Police Athletic/Activities Leagues), which launched at mid February, as well as our partnership with Oxbridge, where high schoolers were tutoring elementary kids in the Police Academy. Additionally, we are proud to be working with The Villages, where the elderly will be tutoring the kids from The Villages Charter Schools. These initiatives represent our commitment to fostering community engagement and life-long learning.


 Stay tuned for more details on these inspiring events!


We are thrilled to kick off the new year with our partnership with Lasell University. We are proud to announce that the education students, under the guidance of Riley Sullivan, have completed their training and are now ready to make a difference. Their first shadow session was a resounding success, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact.

As we continue our mission at H.U.G., we are delighted to announce our partnership with professors: Dr. Pam Jett and Charles Rains from University of Louisville.

At H.U.G., we're on a mission to grow knowledge and build lasting connections within our community. Let the learning journey continue!

So many unforgettable moments and new connections. Nicholas Hodges meets the iconic voice behind SpongeBob SquarePants and shares the joy of how we can lift literacy together. Stay tune for more exciting events!

Are you a college professor or college student? 

Tutoring with the Help Us Grow Reading Program is an excellent way for you or your students to earn field, practicum, or service hours for your course or area of study while making a positive impact in the life of a young child.

Our program is fully virtual, with a tutoring commitment of as little as one hour per week.

Interested in partnering with H.U.G. to earn hours? Reach out by clicking the button below.


Online Events

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                                     Wednesday, February 7th at 10am

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We are grateful for our dedicated H.U.G Tutors. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions. Here's to continued success as we progress together throughout the year ahead.


Join us and 



We are partnering with Everett Public Schools in Boston to onboard new schools. Boston is coming online!

Call to Action: We Need Volunteers!   

Do you know of a church group, company volunteer board, or a group of mission-minded folks that are looking to give back? Well we would love to present our volunteering options to them!  H.U.G. is fully virtual, including training, but we do have some in-person opportunities." 


H.U.G. Q&A

We will be on Zoom from 10:00-10:30am to meet with YOU

Please join us for updates, a Q&A and more! 

Wednesday, February 7th at 10am

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Market & Partnership Updates


Join us in welcoming Nicholas Hodges as the new Director of Volunteer Recruitment.

 Here's to new beginnings and building a stronger community together!

Meet Nicholas Hodges, the new Director of Volunteer Recruitment at H.U.G. In his role, Nicholas will be one of the driving forces behind volunteer engagement and training. 

Nicholas discovered the program through Devidasa Kawal and was initially drawn to tutoring and helping kids. However, he was ideally suited for the available Director of Volunteer Recruitment position- merging professional synergy. He has witnessed the program's transformative effects on students, interns, and tutors, emphasizing H.U.G.'s commitment to holistic growth. 

For Nicholas, Being The Difference means establishing genuine connections with students. He highlights the program's ability to instill care and curiosity, fostering attitudes that transcend academic learning. 

Nicholas envisions rapid expansion for the Help Us Grow Reading Program, aspiring to reach every state and international territory. His enthusiasm extends to inviting more supporters to join the cause and contribute to the organization's growth. 

He expresses hope for maintaining his direct involvement in tutoring sessions and emphasizing the joy of making a positive impact, one tutoring session at a time


Meet our new H.U.G. IT/Data Team member: Danish Abassi!

Danish Abbasi, a dynamic sophomore at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, where he's studying computer science and applied math. Currently, he's making waves at the university's IT help desk, igniting his passion for IT and leading him to join H.U.G. as an IT and data intern. 

 A first-gen, low-income student from Atlanta, Georgia, Danish extends his impact beyond academics. Actively involved in his school's Muslim Student Association executive board, he dedicates his free time to supporting the Muslim community, both on and off-campus. Beyond the university setting, Danish extends his community engagement by volunteering in and around Boston's mosques.

Apart from his tech endeavors, Danish finds joy in collecting fragrances. With a unique blend of technical expertise, community engagement, and a personal flair for fragrance, Danish is set to bring a fresh perspective to H.U.G.'s IT and Data team.


H.U.G. Employee Testimonial

Watch our employee testimonial video and hear firsthand why our team loves working here. Click the video below! 


News That Informs H.U.G.


Resources to Share

  • Affordable Connectivity Program 
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  • An ACP checklist to ensure you have the proper documents
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  • Phone help line with guided steps to get ACP set up 
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  • A Neurologist's Tips to Protect Your Memory 
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