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Be Courageous in January!

The Help Us Grow Foundation expresses gratitude to the volunteersunsung heroes of literacy, embodying


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H.U.G. Events

January marks a new chapter for us at The Help Us Grow Foundation, Inc. During our last tutoring session, students dove into the world of reading with their tutors, using iPads and books. A H.U.G. student on average learned 4 to 5 new words per session. Join us on our journey to help literacy nationwide.

Missed us last year? Join the journey this year for more reading 
adventures and growth with the H.U.G. Reading Program!


H.U.G. and Humana teamed up to spread warmth and community spirit  by promoting excellence in literacy statewide and nationwide. We are thankful for Humana; they have been a great partner to us.

Join us in shaping a future where every individual's journey is filled 

with opportunities and empowerment.


The Help Us Grow Foundation holiday fundraiser was a huge success. So many wonderful memories and new partnerships. We are looking forward to lifting literacy in 2024.

Online Events

              TrainingEvery Tuesday at 11am or 4pm Thursday at 1pm

   H.U.G. Q&A 

                                     Wednesday, January 3rd at 10am

                                          Zoom Line: 676 401 3003

We are grateful for our dedicated H.U.G Tutors. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions. Here's to more success as we journey through this year together.


Join us and 



Upcoming: LaSell's Tutor Training on January 17th for seniors and students. 

We're also partnering with Everett Public Schools in Boston to onboard new schools. Boston is coming online!

Call to Action: We Need Volunteers!   

Do you know of a church group, company volunteer board, or a group of mission-minded folks that are looking to give back? Well we would love to present our volunteering options to them!  H.U.G. is fully virtual, including training, but we do have some in-person opportunities." 


H.U.G. Q&A

We will be on Zoom from 10:00-10:30am to meet with YOU

Please join us for updates, a Q&A and more! 

Wednesday, January 3rd, at 10am

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Meeting ID: 676 401 3003


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Market & Partnership Updates


Join us in celebrating Gabriela Shanklin's journey with H.U.G. as she embarks on a new chapter as an Onsite Specialist. Cheers to continued success!

Gabriela Shanklin, a dedicated professional with a background in Athletic Training, embarked on a transformative journey with the AmeriCorps VISTA program, joining The Help Us Grow Foundation, Inc. (H.U.G.) in 2022. Having worked in diverse sports settings, she transitioned to the nonprofit sector during the pandemic, bringing her skills to serve as a Volunteer Systems Developer. In September 2023, Gabriela transitioned into a leadership role as the lead for the Avochato team at H.U.G., focusing on communication systems.

In her role as a Community Engagement Specialist, Gabriela has overseen projects with a significant impact on education and literacy. Notably, she successfully onboarded high school student volunteers, coordinating training sessions and troubleshooting issues to ensure a seamless experience for both volunteers and elementary school students.

As a key member of the Avochato team, Gabriela's contributions extend to managing text message communication to various stakeholders, ensuring clarity and accuracy in information dissemination. Her dedication to this role facilitates effective collaboration among tutors, parents, and partners, contributing to the overall success of H.U.G.'s programs.

As her VISTA service concludes in mid-January, Gabriela has been offered a unique opportunity to continue her impactful work within H.U.G. as an Onsite Specialist for a partner school. This transition reflects the positive relationships she has cultivated with supervisors and aligns with her commitment to furthering H.U.G.'s mission of elevating literacy levels.

Gabriela's fulfillment in her role stems from her communication with volunteers through the Avochato system, where she assists them in navigating challenges, ultimately ensuring a smoother experience for the students they serve. As she transitions into the role of an Onsite Specialist, Gabriela envisions being a positive representative for H.U.G., fostering strong relationships with school staff and students.

Looking ahead, Gabriela aspires to contribute to H.U.G.'s continued success, leveraging her role to make positive changes in students' lives. Her dedication, collaborative spirit, and commitment to fostering positive relationships position her as a valuable asset within H.U.G. and the broader community.


Tutor Tips!

Stay tuned for helpful hints and insider tips from the H.U.G. team. Here's a sneak peek of what's coming your way via text!


News That Informs H.U.G.

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