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The Help Us Grow Foundation expresses gratitude to the volunteersunsung heroes of literacy, embodying



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H.U.G. Events

Cheers to Our Heroes: A Toast to H.U.G. Tutors!

Dedication to teaching children to read is a cornerstone of educational success, shaping the trajectory of their academic and personal lives. The role of committed tutors is indispensable; they are not merely tutors but catalysts for change, empowering young minds to unlock their potential through literacy. As evidenced by the H.U.G. Reading program that use a multi-sensory approach that enables devoted tutors' impact can be transformative for children and families. Reading is hard for some first through fourth graders, but H.U.G.'s multi-sensory approach helps. 
These tutors go beyond traditional teaching methods, adapting to each child's unique learning style and challenges and fostering a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures a love for reading. Their unwavering commitment does more than teach children to decode words; it opens doors to new worlds, cultivates critical thinking, and builds the confidence necessary for future success. In essence, committed tutors are the unsung heroes in elevating literacy, equipping children with the fundamental skills that serve as the foundation for all future learning.

H.U.G. and Pi Beta Phi: A Partnership of Purpose

The Help Us Grow (H.U.G.) Foundation recently joined forces with members of the Pi Beta Phi sorority at the University of Louisville. This special gathering was not just a meeting of minds but of hearts, as both teams came together to prepare a surprise that promises to end the school year on a high note for H.U.G. students. The event centered around the signing of end-of-year gift books and the careful assembly of goodie bags, each filled with items designed to delight and inspire our young learners. This thoughtful gesture underscores the commitment of both H.U.G. and Pi Beta Phi to literacy, education, and the well-being of children.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the members of Pi Beta Phi for their generosity and enthusiasm. Their participation has not only enriched the lives of H.U.G. students but has also strengthened the bonds within our community, laying a foundation for future partnerships that will continue to uplift and empower our young readers.


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We are grateful for our dedicated H.U.G Tutors. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions. Here's to continued success as we progress together throughout the year ahead.


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We are partnering with Everett Public Schools in Boston to onboard new schools. Boston is coming online!

Call to Action: We Need Volunteers!   

Do you know of a church group, company volunteer board, or a group of mission-minded folks that are looking to give back? Well we would love to present our volunteering options to them!  H.U.G. is fully virtual, including training, but we do have some in-person opportunities." 


H.U.G. Q&A

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Wednesday, April 3rd at 10am

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Join us in welcoming Kristina Lincoln, our new Volunteer Recruitment Intern at H.U.G. 

Here's to continued growth and strengthening our mission together!

Kristina Lincoln joins the Help Us Grow Foundation, Inc. (H.U.G.) as our latest volunteer recruitment intern, bringing with her a wealth of enthusiasm and a rich educational background. Pursuing a major in Business Administration with minors in Political Science and Healthcare Management at High Point University, North Carolina, Kristina embodies the spirit of activism and advocacy from her early days. Her journey to H.U.G. reflects a purposeful search for an avenue where her passion for social equality and literacy could flourish.

For Kristina, literacy transcends the basic ability to read and write; it represents the key to unlocking a world of opportunities for children across the globe. Her conviction is rooted in personal experience and a deep understanding of the educational disparities that exist today. Kristina's role at H.U.G. centers on expanding our volunteer network, a mission critical to amplifying our reach and impact. Her approach is innovative and strategic, focused on engaging with communities and inspiring others to join the literacy movement.

Kristina's message to those moved by the cause of literacy and social equality is clear and inspiring: leverage your unique skills and passions to drive change. She believes that everyone has something valuable to contribute, whether by volunteering directly with organizations like H.U.G. or by supporting literacy initiatives in their communities.

Kristina's vision for her time with H.U.G. is bold and forward-looking. She sees her work in volunteer recruitment not just as a role, but as a stepping stone towards building a future where every child can access the literacy skills needed to succeed. Her dedication is a beacon for us all, highlighting the impact one person can make in the lives of many.

Join us in extending a warm H.U.G. welcome to Kristina Lincoln, a true advocate for change, committed to making literacy accessible to all. Her journey is just beginning, and we're excited to see the difference she'll make in the lives of children and volunteers alike.


Meet the Stevenson College Intern in H.U.G. 

Data & IT Team

Jayden Jenkins

Data/IT Intern


H.U.G. Employee Testimonial

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